Inert Argon

Inert Argon

Inert Gas Management Systems

Inert’s Argon and Nitrogen Gas Management Systems

Inert has been designing and manufacturing Argon and Nitrogen gas management systems for our own use in delivering fully integrated hermetic glove boxes for many years. Today, a suite of modular inert gas management components can now be rapidly assembled to meet your own Argon and Nitrogen gas management needs. More than just a gas purification system, these closed-loop designs enable the easy control, monitoring, and recycling of your Argon or Nitrogen working gas. Each Gas Management System is designed as a discrete unit that can be integrated with Inert Glove Boxes or third-party glove box systems and enclosures.

How do gas management systems work?

A uniquely engineered inert gas control system recirculates, analyzes, and purifies the atmosphere in your controlled manufacturing systems while displaying and recording the real-time data operators and Q/A managers need. Improve your current gas purification system with an Inert Gas Management System and experience the cost savings and increased efficiency they deliver.

    O2 and H2O sensing of < 1ppm
    4 to 20 m3 regeneration
    Safety alarms and data logging
    Advanced PLC Control System

Argon and Nitrogen Gas Management Systems.

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